What is Balance?

“Two weeks without following my routine, and all of the sudden I felt out of balance. Where did I get lost?”

“Two weeks without following my routine,

and, all of  a sudden, I felt out of balance.

Where did I get lost?”

I am sure this has happened to you as well. That feeling of being  off track and the only idea to go back to where you were overwhelmed.

It starts slowly. You skip one class at the gym, you light up another cigarette even if you officially claim to be a non-smoker, you stay up late to finish work, and find comfort eating peanut butter on bread before sleeping. Your mind is probably so active that it keeps you awake at night with ideas you should definitely add to your to-do list.

The morning comes, you grab your phone, and check the amazing life the rest of the world is having. Malibu beach parties, successful people promoting their secret system to make 6 figures, and you, you my friend, you are about to start another day without intentions.

It’s called the spiral.

The four main categories of your life are divided into: Self, Health, Relationships, Money.

Whether you are aware or not, the older you grow, the more conscious about these aspects of your life you become, because having control over them allows you to direct your life where you desire.

Wanting to achieve an outcome from a specific area of your life doesn’t happen by itself if you are unclear with where you stand in the specific area you want to improve.

You might want to lose weight and, although you exercise regularly and eat healthily, you struggle to lose that stone you want so badly. Chances are that other aspects of your life are off and hold you back on losing weight.

We are complex beings, juggling work, responsibilities, and developing relationships. Each and every aspect of our life is connected to and influences the others.

When you feel out of balance and want to get back on track with your best life, take a look at where you sit in each category.

The Balance Equation helps you identify which is the area you want to make some positive changes.

Start by defining balance in your own terms, then work on self-discipline, consistency, and organization. That way, you’ll have more time for yourself and what’s important.

I’d love to know what balance means to you and how you deal with life imbalances.

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