My vision is to make ALKAVEN, The Balance Equation go viral.

I do this thing really well. Be impressed.

I want to make the knowledge about nutrition and holistic therapies more accessible, relevant and practical for each and every single one of you!

Find the root cause of a condition and address where the nutritional imbalances and vitamins and minerals deficiency are.

Identify the connection between mind, body, and spirit and the pathways in the body.

Restore optimum wellbeing, promoting health rather than focusing on the absence of an illness.

Educate and support you on your personal health journey. 

Using functional medicine, my aim is to:

1:1 coaching #1

Specializing in

The ideal choice if you want a personalised plan that is tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

reset week #2

A healthy, effective way to clean and put your digestive system at ease,  and boost metabolism.

rebalance protocol #3

Follow this 3-step protocol to reach digestive ease and optimal gut

food-mood workshop

A special course dedicated to who wants to manage stress better, through techniques and food.

wellness retreat collab

I co-facilitate with you the perfect wellness retreat, with meals planning and classes.

+ Free Consultation  
+ Nutritional Assessment              Questionnaire
+ 45 mins of 1:1 coaching sessions

1:1 Coaching #1 

I will help you identify poor lifestyle choices, set the goals to overcome them, and create a plan to meet those goals together.
Let's make a real change, whether that's dietary, emotionally, or any other area that is negatively affecting your health. I am here for YOU.


+ Bespoke goals plan
+ Easy veggie/vegan recipes
+ Meal plan


+ Free Consultation
+ Reset plan guide
+ Easy veggie/vegan recipes
+ Weekly assistance on WhatsApp

Reset Week #2

1 week of deep detox to restore optimal functionality of your body, to practise twice per year and when you feel your energies are not flowing to the body channels.



+ Informative material
+ The 3-step Remove, Replace, Rebalance Phases guide
+ Easy veggie/vegan recipes
+ Weekly Assistance on WhatsApp

3 Months Rebalance #3

This is a gut healing program that will help you optimise digestion & detoxification so that your body can support itself in the long-run, restoring boundless energy and vibrant overall health! You will be guided through the 4Rs phases, such as : Remove, Replace, Rebalance, Restore the spirit.


+ Ebook
+ Workbook
+ Stress management techniques
+ Easy recipes to boost mental health
+ Workshop available at Retreats, Co-living and Co-working spaces

Food-Mood Workshop #4

This is a course designed for who suffers from stress, anxiety and low mood and wants to learn stress management techniques and how to support mental health with diet.



+ Detox cleanse plan
+ Anti-inflammatory plan 
+ Easy veggie/vegan recipes
+ Cooking class

Wellness Retreats Collab #4

I help Retreats like Yours creating the perfect meal plan for your hosts, based on the wellness program you are launching.
Whether it's about yoga, meditation, cacao ceremony, detox, emotional healing, etc..your hosts will be supported by a meal plan tailored down to their needs. 
Each programme aims to help individuals to feel better both inside and out; reviving their system with a healthy detox cleanse to improve energy levels, digestive problems, and the body’s immune system.


Unlike many experts who only give you a diet that you will stop after 3 weeks, feeling more unmotivated than before, I instead teach you a LIFESTYLE.

Rather than apps where AI analyses your results, you have a real person that relates to what you are going through and overcame similar issues.

I offer a tailor-made path for Cleanse, Improve Nutrition and Stress management. You will solve, once and for all, any doubts about eating alkaline in a balanced way, regaining your weight, dealing with emotions and enjoying life, avoiding diseases that could upset our lives.

what makes me different?

Health strategy
& planning here

It all starts with a discovery call

What's the best way to feel heard and understood? Let's have a chat and vibe together!

Weekly Review & Support

Based on your actual goals we strategise how to achieve and sustainably maintain them.

Consistency is the key to achieving goals, and I will be by your side when you need someone to boost you.


How the Process Works

I can help because I've been there.




All coaching sessions are done via Zoom, phone call on in person if you live in London. Whichever you prefer.

I specialise in helping individuals looking to accomplish any or all of the following: dealing with autoimmune disease, chronic health condition, decreasing inflammation, weight loss, increasing energy levels, curbing cravings and hunger, reducing stress, decreasing intake of processed foods, and living a more whole & balanced life.

Health coaching is great for anyone ready and inspired to make changes in their life, but unsure of how to get started. A health coach takes the time to listen to your unique concerns and helps you identify goals, strategies, and solutions that work for you. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health. A Health Coach will help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to identify exactly what will work for your body and your needs.

I received my training as an Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach from the Institute Active Health Group‘s cutting-edge Health Coaching Training Program, based in Manchester. During my training, I studied nutritional therapy, practical lifestyle stress-management techniques, and innovative coaching methods under the lead of one of the UK's most prolific 'Wellpreneurs" founder and principal Richard Johnson.

My course of study has its origins with the first course of Food Hygiene and Superior Nutrition, held by the Science and Art of Health Association, based in Italy. 

I progressed my path even further by becoming a certified Level 3 (ITEC) massage therapist, at the London School of Massage.
My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and anatomy and physiology.
But that's not all! Driven by a profound passion for well-being, I continue to invest in myself, progress my education and share with you what I learn. It’s an incredible journey!

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